Freedom: Gonna Get Me Some


"Kevin R. Free masterfully takes on America’s original sin of racism in this genre-bending, highly entertaining tragicomedy . . . Although the play’s antic twists and reversals can leave one a little dizzy, Free knows exactly what he’s doing. The eloquence of his writing, the complexity of his plotting and his engagement with serious issues resonate into the night.”

Remy Holzer, Time Out New York

“ . . . cartoonish, cleverly convoluted and uncomfortable comedy . . . that “Night of the Living N Word” has inspired such questions – is proof of the show’s effectiveness as something more than silly entertainment, even for those who have qualms about it.”

Jonathan Mandell, New York Theater

“Free delivers a powerful message straight to the gut . . .a tour-de-force comedy with a biting commentary.”

Michael Block, Theater in the Now

“funny, provocative, . . . courageous, and timely . . . This New York International Fringe Festival production had the audience clapping and cheering loudly at the final curtain. The play’s passion and missionary zeal clearly reflect the recurrent racial and religious bigotry infecting the 2016 political campaigns.”

Martin Kushner, The Reviews Hub

“ . . . very funny, dark and complex contemporary satire on political correctness . . . Laden with jokes, sight gags and flamboyant characters, Mr. Free’s well-constructed and startling work combines the outrageous sensibilities of John Waters’ films with the social consciousness of Norman Lear’s television sitcoms . . . 'NIGHT OF THE LIVING N-WORD!!' is a provocative marvel of theatricality and social commentary.”

Darryl Reilly, Theater Scene

“Free gives us a post-Obama, but never post-racial, take on mixed race America, how society views mixed raced people and how they identify themselves. Free revives the debate about who can and can't say the n-word as well as the intergenerational divides between African Americans.“

A.J. Muhammad, The Review Collective