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I Interview Adam Szymkowicz, Part 2

I am structuring these interviews as if they were a play I'm writing (about myself). The italics are my thoughts, my assumptions about Adam's reactions, my internet stage directions. In performance, they'd be done as voiceovers, probably. Using my voice, probably. Probably. Listen, I'm still working this out in my mind. Bear with me. 

SCENE 1. In which Kevin R Free throws shade at Peter Pan, Kevin Costner, And Sean Young and waxes poetic about his own acting work.

KRF: First I want to thank you for not writing a play about Peter Pan. I'm sick of his childish ass. But why Robin Hood? What inspired you to write this one?

ADAM: You know I have a bunch of genre plays (cowboy, noir, pirates, comic book, more noir). I find it fun to contemporize well know worlds. Which is not to say they are on YouTube but their concerns are modern in a non modern world. I think this is my last genre play like that. But maybe not. It's a fun world to live in.

KRF loves YouTube, and wishes for ADAM to write a play about Peter Pan on YouTube for him to star in.

KRF: Isn't it great that Kevin Costner has grown into his deadpan acting style? Saw Hidden Figures last weekend and wow he is so good at "the strong, silent type." Really really good. And great that he figured out a way to work it out for himself.  Don't you think?

ADAM: Yeah. If you deadpan, it will come.

 KRF likes the way ADAM turns this phrase. He sees what ADAM did there, and wishes he had done it first.

ADAM: I liked his Robin Hood when I was in high school. The newer one with the Australian guy was awful.

KRF: I didn't see the new Robin Hood film. And I never really liked Kevin Costner in anything, besides his looks in a uniform. I used to say that he was so gorgeous that he made Sean Young go off the deep end after they did "No Way Out" way back when. His career waxed, hers waned, and then she wore a catsuit everywhere (and she didn't rock it the way Kevin C. rocked his uniform - just saying).

ADAM refuses to take this bait in his response. He's sitting at his keyboard, thinking, "Kevin Costner is an American treasure, like baseball and movies about baseball and  movies about relationships in and around baseball. And Sean Young? Don't talk about Sean Young, Kevin R. Free. Oppress the comfortable, comfort the oppressed. Sean Young is definitely oppressed."  ADAM changes the subject.

ADAM:  But tell me about your Prince John. What are you doing to become him?

NOTE/REMINDER: KRF is playing the role of Prince John in ADAM's Marian, or the True Tale of Robin Hood later this month. Get your NO-FINANCIAL-TRANSACTION living ticket here.

KRF: Me? Become him? Become Prince John?

KRF laughs and laughs and laughs.

KRF  : You know me better than that. I don't transform. I think I play all my characters as if I were playing myself playing my characters. Does that make sense? I hate talking process, but: acting is so joyful for me because i like to see how large I can live in very small spaces. I think that's why I love this play so much. The characters are who they are, but they aren't who they are, or they don't know who they are or who they are becoming, and still - STILL - live very full, rich, OUT LOUD existences, even when they question them. Well done, Szymkowicz.

That's all for today. More Next Monday and Wednesday. Find more about Adam here

Post scripts:

  1. Here's an interesting no-tea-no-shade article about Sean Young on dlisted, with a video of her being smart and charming on the Joan Rivers show. 
  2. I guess she looked great in her catsuit.