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I Interview Adam, Part 3

It's Monday, so - of course - it's time for another installment of my ongoing Internet Interview with Adam Szymkowicz, playwright and person extraordinaire. 

PART 3: In which ADAM says the wrong thing after having said the right thing

ADAM: I like this:  "I think I play all my characters as if I were playing myself playing my characters."  I think that's how I write.  Or live. Or something.  Maybe I just aspire to what you do.

KRF likes ADAM and what he does, too. It's like we are dating, with less hand-holding and more awkward smiling. KRF changes the subject, even though it's roses.

KRF: I do know about your genre plays, but Susan Gets Some Play, which is the first of your plays I worked on, wasn't a genre play. Was it? 

Susan Gets Some Play  was written for Susan Louise O'Connor. KRF played her gay best friend and helped her auditioned men to be her boyfriend. It was directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel, who directed Hand to God on Broadway.

ADAM: Susan Gets Some Play was not a genre play.  It was fun, wasn't it?  I write dramas too.  Really.  In fact, after this show, I'll have another play in NYC called Rare Birds that's a drama.  I mean it's funny too.  It has jokes but it is a drama.  And my play Mercy will happen too (I will say where when I can) and that's really a drama. Like grief pull out your guts drama.

KRF loves the way ADAM has created drama and suspense by talking about drama, but not talking about where his play will be produced. But still, KRF wonders why ADAM won't tell him. KRF can keep a secret. Does ADAM think that KRF has a big mouth? WHY WON'T HE GIVE KRF THE INFO? WHYYYYYYY?

KRF: I really do want to know: why Robin Hood? What attracted you to this story? It's so interesting that I did a reading of this play over a year ago when no one thought that Trump would ever be elected. But now it's so resonant and feels so revolutionary. Did you mean to write politically?

ADAM: I mean I think Robin Hood is always political and I wanted to write a Robin Hood.  I have such love for the Disney version and lots of the other versions too -- even the bad ones are lots of fun.  But in the end it's about the rich few vs the many poor.  And I think what that means shifted with the election but there has been a class revolt in the works for a long time.  And my entire working life, wages have been flat.  So I wanted to write about that fight and injustice and money but you know, in a fun way and about personal sacrifice for the good of the many and about love because I almost always write about love and about gender because I write about that too.

KRF takes a breath to agree with ADAM and to have a deep discussion about gender equality, and pay equity and KRF’s certificate in Women’s Studies from Duke University, but before he can really impress, ADAM sends another email.

ADAM: Also can we talk for just a second about how amazing Susan Louise O'Connor is?  I love it when she's in my plays but now she moved to LA.

KRF thinks “I CAN BE SUSAN LOUISE O’CONNOR. JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE,” and he wonders aloud to the internet skies how this interview veered from being about ADAM & KRF to ADAM and another, albeit immensely talented, actor. Afraid that this pause is way too long, KRF begrudgingly says:

KRF: Yes, Susan Louise O'Connor is so awesome. We met in an improv class at UCB and we bonded right away. When she sent me the audition notice for SGSP, I was totally down to gay it up onstage. Come to think of it, I am always gaying it up onstage for you. WAYYYY UP. And here we are, 10 years later, finally working together again. And again, I am super gay. The gayest Prince John ever. Gay AF. Gayer than I am in real life, if that's possible. If there are degrees of gay, Prince John is gay to the point of being a closet case. Like most political figures who are opposed to gayish things.

While he likes the way he brought in politics to this conversation, KRF is aware that he may sound like he doth-protest-too-much.

ADAM: I know. Thank you.

Because what else could he say? KRF hangs his head in shame, not because he gays it up onstage for ADAM, but because he forced ADAM into a corner.

Less shame Wednesday.

Post script: Attached is a picture of me in Susan Gets Some Play with Susan Louise O’Connor.