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I Interview Adam, Part 4

I Interview Adam, Part 4: In which KRF turns his shame into inspiration

KRF: This is your third play with Flux? Really? I knew they did Heart Like Fists, but what was the other one? I could look it up, but this is an interview., so…

KRF is obviously still in his feelings about being late to the ASzym party, even though he's been here the whole time. THE WHOLE TIME.

ADAM: It was Pretty Theft in '09. It's really different than this play. It has ballerinas and violence and teenagers. It's about stealing and beauty. It's like a young adult novel. 

KRF loves young adult novels.

KRF: I want to read a dramatic ASzym play.

ADAM: I can send you any plays you want to read. There are a lot. 

KRF doesn't mean to be hurt by ADAM's prolificacy, but he is. Or maybe it's just envy. KRF takes a deep breath and remembers, dimly, that ADAM said once that he wants to be KRF. That's a paraphrase of the actual quote which you can find in Part 3.

KRF: You have a lot of plays. How? Like seriously. How? Do you write in a journal every day? Do you have fully/formed play ideas that you just roll out every week?

KRF giggles to himself in his private internet interview room, because he always likes to say that ADAM poops plays. Like he gets up, has coffee, eliminates a play, and then revises it over bacon & eggs.

ADAM: I've been writing plays for 20 years and I'm really always thinking about the next play. There are always a bunch of plays I want to write. I usually write 2 or 3 a year.

Good Lord. Really? KRF is not worthy. KRF stops giggling.


ADAM: No, I don't write everyday. But I'm happier on days I've written than on days I haven't. 

KRF stifles a sob, stops blogging, and starts writing his next play. It'll be a solo play with lots of crying in it.

Seriously, less shame next week.

Post scripts:

1. Adam really has written a lot of plays. You should buy one and read it. 

2. I really am writing a solo show next. Two, really. One for me, and one for not me. Maybe. Tears are the only thing I guarantee.