Freedom: Gonna Get Me Some


I Interview Adam, Part 5

In which KRF goes back in time to uncover some truth buried in the snow of Connecticut...

KRF: How do you spend your days, Adam? Like where are you? 

KRF sent this message on Jan 9. It is now January 23. KRF wants answers, but knows he can only get them by jumping back and forth in time. 

ADAM: I'm in CT now. There is a lot of snow. It was negative nine degrees this morning. I think it's warmer now. I just used a treadmill. (I got one used nearby but I had to take it apart to get it in my office and then put it back together.) 

Interesting. ADAM put his treadmill together ALL BY HIMSELF. Not only is ADAM an artist, he is an artisan. HOT.

ADAM: Here is a photo out the window.  This is what I see while standing on the treadmill. That's a lake in the background. It's across the street from me. I'll be in NYC tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you at rehearsal. 

What Adam sees when it snows

ADAM is so coy. Maybe he'll see KRF at rehearsal? ADAM will mos def see KRF at rehearsal.

KRF: So... do you do more than just stand on your treadmill and take pictures and send them to gay people who interview you on the internet? Do you have a daily exercise regimen?

ADAM: I walk and run. I have a pull up bar. But I'm out of shape. Trying to change that. I'm typing this as a three year old is climbing on my back. That's not helping. 

This question/answer is time-stamped January 14, and it flummoxed KRF in the past/present, because WHY HAS ADAM ASKED A THREE YEAR OLD TO HELP HIM GET IN SHAPE? KRF jumps back to the awkward future/present because it is better than the absurd past.

KRF: How is your experience with Flux different this time? Is it different? Did you enjoy rehearsal the other night? What's it like for you to sit in rehearsal and see the work that's being done on your play?

It's still January 14. KRF crossed his fingers for a compliment. 

ADAM: Sometimes rehearsal isn't so fun for me. Especially in the middle of the process where people are trying things. But this rehearsal is a lot of fun to watch. It's similar to the HLF process 4 years ago. They are terrifically organized and smart. And they're my friends. I love the way Kelly (O'Donnell, our director) runs things in rehearsal. She's a joy to work with. They all are. You all are. 

A group compliment. Good enough for January 23.

More about rehearsal on Wednesday.

Post-Script: Here's what I looked at as I typed this blog post.