Freedom: Gonna Get Me Some


I Interview Adam, Part 6

In which KRF fishes for compliments and hooks himself

KRF: We are getting down to the wire. What was your experience of the run-thru last week? 

KRF braces himself for the compliments to come rolling in. He removes his clothes; he shaves his head, his face, his entire body to erase any barriers between himself and ADAM's accolades. 

ADAM: I thought it went really well. There's some fine tuning still to come.  I think it's mostly people knowing their transitions and lines a little better but for a week out I thought we were in really good shape. 

HARMATTAN. No KRF-specific accolades. KRF feels really, really exposed as he sits alone in his tiny internet room, which suddenly feels like a large, lonely place. 

KRF: When rehearsal isn't fun to watch, why isn't it fun to watch? Like what is it that makes you uncomfortable?

KRF knows keenly now why it's not fun to have ADAM watching - especially now that KRF is completely hairless.

ADAM: It's hard for me to watch actors make choices I know are wrong. That usually happens in the middle discovery part of rehearsal. I'm always grateful for and impressed by the ability of directors and actors to do the same scenes over and over and sometimes get further away from the thing with the aim of finding it.  I don't have the patience to hear my play that many times. 

KRF has had rough rehearsals of late for this very reason. KRF likes trying things, like he does with this blog. Not everything KRF does is funny. KRF is going into Tech Rehearsal today. Hopefully some of the magic will return to him. KRF feels abandoned. KRF feels sad. KRF feels desperate--

ADAM: I hear tell Flux is doing your play soon, too.

KRF is grateful to ADAM for the reprieve from thinking about himself so that he may talk about himself.

KRF: Yes, Flux will be doing my FluxForward Play, AM I DEAD? in the fall. I'm really excited about it. It was my first full-length that I wrote that wasn't in any way about me.

KRF laughs and laughs (at himself).

More on Opening Night.

Post script: Here's an article about how fishing for compliments leads to success. I didn't read it. Let me know if I should.


Kevin R. Free