Freedom: Gonna Get Me Some


I Interview Adam, Part 7

In which KRF is hostile and hurt by ADAM's America

KRF: It's Opening Night! Are you excited?
ADAM: Yes. But I won't be there so I'm a little sad. I like opening night because of the party. 

KRF stifles a gasp. Not because ADAM is missing Opening Night, but because ADAM is missing his Opening Night Outfit.

KRF: Do you have any rituals for your opening nights?

You know, besides missing them...

ADAM: No. But if I did it would probably involve bourbon. Do you have any?

KRF attends them. He wears the perfect bow tie. And he will have lots of bourbon at this one. 

KRF: How many opening nights have you had as a playwright?

ADAM: Um. I don't know. A lot. Like how many have I attended?  Or like how many times have people put on my plays. Because I don't have numbers for either of those at hand. So. A lot. 

Whoa. KRF was not expecting all this push back and anger about being so successful. 

KRF: Previews are tough for me… Are they tough for you?

KRF is finally getting to the point of this blog post. He taps his figurative internet foot, waiting for ADAM to formulate a response that will make Previews less tough for KRF.

ADAM: The preview last night went really well. I was not as nervous as I sometimes am and the show is in really good shape I think.

Mmmhmm. KRF folds his arms and purses his lips.

ADAM: Did you get the cuts yet.

Yes. KRF screams bloody murder in his tiny internet room, because ADAM has actually CUT KRF's throat.

ADAM: You get that I have to cut those scenes because the play is over and the audience wants to clap and go home, right?

KRF: I'm a playwright, too, Adam. I get it.

KRF doesn't really get it. He's just trying to shame ADAM. 

ADAM: They just happen to be scenes you're in.

KRF continues to take it personally.

ADAM: No amount of your genius (which is substantial) makes a difference.

Genius, you say? Hmmm. Ok.

 ADAM: The play has to be over then. You know?

KRF: How long does it take you to get from CT to the New Ohio Theatre?

ADAM: Like door to door?  Like 4 hours. 

KRF: Interesting. Well, I hope you enjoy the five minutes you shaved off your commute time by HURTING MY SUBSTANTIAL GENIUS.

KRF punches his internet wall.

More after opening!


1. COME SEE THE SHOW! It's really good, even without the scenes Adam cut.

2. ADAM just wrote to me to make a peace offering. He wants to play Prince John's pet pigeon, Florence, in the final show. I'm thinking about it.

Adam's Peace Offering