Freedom: Gonna Get Me Some


I Interview Adam, Part 8

In which KRF is explicit about speaking about himself.

ADAM: What is your FluxForward play about?  (I saw a scene so I sort of know what it's about but maybe the people who read this would like to know too.)

ADAM is trying to butter KRF up because he missed opening night. ADAM has a long history of interviewing people, so KRF isn't fooled by this attempt, but he answers anyway.

KRF: It's about 4 people stuck in purgatory, tasked with rebuilding the bodies of the black men each has wronged. It's a retelling of the Isis/Osiris myth. It's -

KRF can tell ADAM's mind has wandered. KRF cannot even fathom how ADAM can lose interest so hard in Connecticut that KRF can feel it over here in his lonely internet room. ADAM must be spending time with a toddler again. Trying not to be jealous, KRF brings his fingers down like a hammer on the keyboard to get ADAM's attention.


KRF is embarrassed about having asked this, but whatever. So KRF is awkward, So what?

ADAM: I like it. I'm not a huge musical fan but usually when I go to a musical, I have a good time. I would say I've been studying musicals over the last few years.  I have lots of plays with songs in them. The play I'm writing right now has more songs than any play I've written before. But it's not actually a musical, I don't think. 

KRF: Wow, that's cool, Adam. Remember how I sang your song in Susan Gets Some Play? What a great song that was. Is there a role for me in your new play with music?


KRF: Hello?

ADAM: Who are your favorite playwrights?

KRF loves ADAM. ADAM. ADAM. But KRF is trying not to be so thirsty. 

KRF: I love musicals. Some of them. Right now, I really like Shrek The Musical.

Ugh. KRF did it again.


ADAM: There are like five shows I want to see right now.

KRF: Hope one of them is Marian, or The True Tale of Robin Hood. I hear it's a Time Out New York must-see. We opened on Monday. You wrote it. Punk.

Less awkward next week.

Post script: MARIAN really is a Time Out New York Must-See. 


Photographic evidence of our awesomeness