Freedom: Gonna Get Me Some


I Read 'In Full Color,' Part 2

The man Rachel Dolezal described as her father (before the world found out her father is actually white), Albert Wilkerson, wrote the Foreword of the book. He loves her. 

He writes:

 "I believe Rachel’s book will help cast a light on some of the most pressing and divisive issues that exist in this country today, namely social inequality and racial prejudice."

I believe that's true. I also believe it will tell Black people how they should view and live their Blackness, without ever exploring the (white) privilege that leads her to believe her Blackness is more appropriate or acceptable than mine. Great. Someone else to tell me I'm not black enough. And this time, the someone is white. 

But I don't know. I've only read through the Prologue. 

Kevin R. Free