Freedom: Gonna Get Me Some


I'm Reading Rachel Dolezal's Book, In Full Color

Don't tell anyone, please.  

I'm reading it in secret on my Kindle. I'll read until I get bored. Or too offended to go on. I'm kinda offended by the title. It's awful. So cliché. But at least it's not like "A Life in Black and White."

I'll post my unedited thoughts about what I have read on this blog.  

So far, I know that she capitalizes "black". That is important to her. Important enough for it to be included in a footnote. Because it's her identity. She's Black. Black, not African-American. Blllllaaaack. She's not of African descent. Though aren't we all of African descent? So she could be African-American. Like the rest of us U.S. Americans, with or without maps.  

But how cool would it be if all white people identified as African-Americans? It would finally define whiteness for them, possibly. They'd understand what it's like to have culture. Maybe? Would they be less defensive about the colored people finally getting a fraction of the privileges they've all enjoyed? Would they work harder? Would they work less, based on what they imagine it's like being African-American? HOLY CRAP WOULD THEY WORK FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE LIKE RACHEL DOLEZAL DID/WANTS TO DO AGAIN?

I'll keep reading.  

Kevin R. Free